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PAragliding with ARC-EN-CIEL

After a lesson in taking off on a gentle slope with your paragliding instructor, you will leave the ground without the slightest hint of vertigo. Comfortably installed in your harness seat in front of your pilot, you will be able to enjoy an aerial view of the valley and surrounding mountain peaks.
During the tandem flight, if you feel like it you will be given the chance to fly the dual-control paraglider. And for those who like a bit of an adrenalin rush, your pilot will also suggest a short programme of aerobatics!
The paraglider will gentlly land in a grassy field and the impact on touch-down should be no greater than jumping off a stool.
Open to all, young and old (children from 20 kg)

Most paragliding landings occur within the commune of Bourg Saint Maurice at the Ilettes or next to Bourg Saint Maurice train station. As for take-offs, they can happen at a variety of spots but mainly at Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and Les Chapelles.

From mid May we can accomodate all types of stays for all types of activities 

 06 15 81 70 26 or [email protected]

bespoke holidays at your request